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Steak Salad

This was an easy and filling dinner for company Saturday night. As a side, I made some breadsticks brushed with a homemade herb butter using half of my pizza dough recipe. And honestly, I spent more time and effort on the dessert that I’ll put as my next post. I’ve got a basic recipe listed […]


Eggplant Parmesan

Time management has become more difficult since my “part time job” has been scheduling me for full time hours (without the full time benefits, of course). And so my ability to cook decent meals for my family, and subsequently blog about them, has become extremely limited when it comes to managing my time. It’s amazing […]

Baking, Desserts

Lemon Sugar Cookies

I get the urge to bake about as much as I get the urge to cook. I found this little recipe in a Food Network Kitchens cookbook and thought it would be fast and easy. Well, it is, sort of, but it does require a little time and some extra steps I wasn’t expecting and […]


Miso Chicken Sandwich with Ginger Mayo

It’s been some time since I’ve had the time and energy along with the urge to do some creative, experimental cooking. I wonder if foodies that don’t cook know what kind of planning it takes to find or write a recipe and then execute it, let alone take pictures and then write about it. It […]

Noob News

Beef Stew for Dogs

People approach me all the time and ask, “Hey Noob! You got any good recipes for dog food?!” Actually, no they don’t. Nobody, except Daisy, has ever asked me that. When she was a puppy I tried giving her a can of Alpo, and she was all excited for maybe a week whenever she got […]


Chipotle Mayo

As you may remember, I took some time off from blogging for a few different personal reasons. In the past couple of months I have met two of my biggest, almost unachievable goals. I have made some strict changes in my diet that have allowed me to manage my IBS symptoms enough to go back […]

Baking, Desserts

Marble Biscotti Using Melt

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Miranda, who does promotional services for Melt, and she sent me a couple of free samples. I first discovered Melt over at Dinners, Dishes and Desserts (Triple D if you’re Guy Fieri) and was surprised it could be used in baking. Previously, I haven’t had good […]


Taco Tuesday

Drop that seasoning packet! Nope, you’re not going to need that anymore; save your ninety-nine cents. Tacos are a frequent favorite. We don’t eat them every week but we do eat them at least once a month, sometimes more often if we’re in the mood. I discovered a few years ago that typically when I […]


Beans n Rice; Rice n Beans

Jen and I have become recent fans of Dave Ramsey, and one of his popular expressions is going on a “beans n rice; rice n beans grocery budget.” This is a great way to save about $10 a week on the grocery budget, or even more, weekly, once you’ve stocked the ingredients. Jen sort of […]