Melt Organic Spread

A few months ago I was picked to check out some Melt buttery, organic spread, and here I am today doing it again. I love this stuff! I’ve tried using it with daily cooking and baking as well as just a topping or spread for vegetables or toast or whatever.

This time around I did some baking. I made some chocolate chip hazelnut cookies, for which I always get tremendous compliments whenever I make and decide to share. The recipe for these can be found here and all I did was substitute the butter with Melt.

What I especially liked about using the Melt with these cookies is getting the same soft chewiness as when using butter. As a bonus, the virgin coconut oil in the Melt combined with the chocolate chips, hazelnuts, and toffee bits to add a completely new dynamic layer of flavor.

I made 2 batches of these to share with friends, neighbors, and co-workers and they were gone within a couple of days.


What I like most about Melt is because of my IBS I have to be very cautious about what I eat. For example, I can only eat butter with stringent rules applying to quantity and time of day. Butter also tends to give me heartburn. Melt, on the other hand, causes me no gastro problems whatsoever. For those of you with Celiac’s or have other food allergies, Melt is a gluten free butter and is a light spread to replace all of the not-so-good fats you might be eating now.

Even if you’re not into all the health stuff, Melt is good just for the flavor. I’ll put some on a blueberry bagel for a late snack; it’s also phenomenal when used to make a grilled cheese sandwich (lightly caramelized coconut and cheese!). Try sweetening up some steamed vegetables for your kids.

Anyway, before I start sounding too much like an infomercial. I’m excited because soon Melt will be sold at The Fresh Market and Whole Foods. We have a Fresh Market nearby and we’re supposed to be getting a Whole Foods but I’m skeptical about its size and location and how it’s going to compete with the dozens of competitors in the area.

If you need some other inspiration, the Melt web-site has an entire page with some recipe ideas for Melt including my own recipe for Marbled Biscotti!

Oh by the way Melt is also on Facebook and Twitter, so check ’em out!