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Meatloaf and Twice Baked Potatos

Meatloaf and Twice Baked Potatoes

A decade of blogging exile I have missed blogging! I wonder to myself why I stopped and why I haven’t started again for all of these years. I’m often in the mood to get in the kitchen and dabble with a new recipe. When I do, I daydream about getting back into blogging. It’s always […]


A Tale of Two Meatloafs

So I decided to give Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen: 100 Of My Favourite Easy Recipes another shot and make another of his recipes. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of his Coconut Crusted Chicken it did taste better leftover. The flavors blended and relaxed a bit, and the coconut no longer had that burnt […]

Jamie Oliver Meatballs and Pasta

Jamie Oliver’s Meatballs and Pasta

So, I’ve been on a Jamie Oliver kick lately, and with meatballs being my second favorite food ever (second to lasagna), I had to give Jamie Oliver’s Meatballs and Pasta a try. I had heard of Jamie Oliver only through the school lunch program he was trying to improve in Huntington WV, I believe. I […]


Steak Salad

This was an easy and filling dinner for company Saturday night. As a side, I made some breadsticks brushed with a homemade herb butter using half of my pizza dough recipe. And honestly, I spent more time and effort on the dessert that I’ll put as my next post. I’ve got a basic recipe listed […]


Taco Tuesday

Drop that seasoning packet! Nope, you’re not going to need that anymore; save your ninety-nine cents. Tacos are a frequent favorite. We don’t eat them every week but we do eat them at least once a month, sometimes more often if we’re in the mood. I discovered a few years ago that typically when I […]


Swedish Meatballs

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a Swedish meatball. I think my grandmother made some as a side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas some 25 years ago. Considering I was only a kid at the time, they must had made some impact on me to remember loving them so much, so when […]

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Football Night Nachos

I’ve been doing a guest recipe post every Thursday night for a few weeks now, but tonight is a little different, a little special. You see, I’m a native Packers fan (not of Green Bay, but of Wisconsin), so I wanted to do something a little different with dinner tonight. I’ll resume Guest Recipes next […]


Dirty Risotto

Risotto again! It’s an entirely different recipe. Plus, through the magic of blogging, we didn’t actually eat that Lemon Chicken Risotto last week. The truth is the photos have been in the hopper for a blog post since early July. I don’t do that often though.Tonight’s dish (and yes, we ate it tonight) comes from […]