Beef Stew for Dogs

People approach me all the time and ask, “Hey Noob! You got any good recipes for dog food?!”

Actually, no they don’t. Nobody, except Daisy, has ever asked me that.
When she was a puppy I tried giving her a can of Alpo, and she was all excited for maybe a week whenever she got it. It got old and fast. So I upgraded to a better (more expensive) brand, and have been upgrading until I’ve gotten to the $1.50 – $1.75 a can mark.

These premium brands boast all natural ingredients right? Well at almost $2 a can I’ll make my own for cheaper.

Let me add – please be very careful with this. Do research before cooking gourmet meals for your pets because there are certain foods that they can’t eat. Also, even though I’ve switched from canned food to cooking for Daisy, I do give her a high quality dry dog food every day to make sure she gets all of the nutrition she needs. I only give her small amounts of cooked food every day mainly as a sort of a treat and as sort of a primer to stimulate her appetite for the dry food.

Pretty nice marbling for eye of round. I found this at Wal-Mart in the “use today” section marked down. It just so happened I was going to use it that day and even though it may seem like shoe leather to us, this is prime rib compared to what they put in those cans.

All natural ingredients – fresh celery, carrots, potatoes (I never knew how nutritious potatoes are). With the stew I also put brown rice and chicken broth.

Here is where I found the recipe and a video on how to make this beef stew.

Daisy smells the meat cooking and anticipates dinner quite patiently.

And finally the stew is ready. I cooled it down with a couple of ice cubes in the bowl before serving it to her.

She seemed a little unsure at first, but after the first bite she absolutely scarfed the stew down. She has never done that for canned food. I’ve been cooking for her for about 3 weeks now. She wolfs her food down every day. On the down-side, every time we go into the kitchen she thinks it’s her feeding time.

I’ve tried some other recipes with her for some variety – more to come in the future!