Beef Burgers with Crunchy Sour Cream Onions by Pass the Sushi

 I discovered this recipe that I had archived in my Foodbuzz inbox a couple of months ago. Jen and I were just discussing the previous night how we were craving a good burger, and this hit the spot!

Tonight’s guest recipe comes from Kita over at Pass the Sushi. I liked these burgers so much that I’d have to say it would be in my top 5 list if I had a top 5 list. The nice thing about them is I know I can make them even better next time.

The first thing I got going was the ground beef marinading in some Worcestershire sauce and a little bit of thyme, as per Kita’s recommendations. Instead of 2 lbs of beef, I used a combo of beef and turkey mainly because I had a pound of ground turkey in the fridge that needed to be eaten.

Next, cut some thick onion slices and get them soaking in a buttermilk / sour cream mixture.

The dredging mix is just AP flour with some salt and pepper and some very finely chopped green onions – those scallions added some tremendous flavor in the end product, so don’t omit them!

Meat marinading, onions soaking…time to whip up some homemade ranch. This is just more buttermilk and sour cream with a little ketchup, garlic, lemon juice and a little parsley and chives from the garden out back. Phenomenal!

So, here’s my stove ready for action. I’ve got the onions in the back right with the dredging flour in the front. I’ve got about an inch of veg oil heating on the left with a landing rack behind it.

I dipped the onions twice. I discovered that it’s wise to get the extra buttermilk mixture off the onion because toward the end of the process I had a tacky dough in my dish rather than dredging flour because the excess moisture didn’t stay on the onion.


As I post these photos I realize I put the emphasis on the onion rings rather than on the burgers. The burgers just went on the Foreman grill – nothing fancy

The Worcestershire Sauce marinade was excellent. I’ll definitely be making these burgers again – it’s worth a little mess. I liked the beef / turkey mixture as well because I got the beef flavor that makes a burger, but it was also tender because of the turkey. Too often even the best ground beef has grisly bits or even pieces of bone in it or just has a crumbly texture.

Beautiful onion rings, and the homemade ranch goes with them perfectly. Excellent on the burger with the Worcestershire mixed with the tang and zing of the ranch all on a delicious onion ring – oh and those scallions in the batter add a nice accent flavor as well.

Pass the Sushi is truly a gem of a food blog among thousands of food blogs. Kita has so many cool recipes to look through with fun and enticing presentations in her photography. Definitely give her a look!

Oh! and don’t forget to get your burger and onion ring recipe here!


  1. FABULOUS! I'm a real fan of Kita and pass the sushi…she makes awesome food – as you can plainly see by these amazing burgers!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing these burgers and saying such kind things about my blog, Peter! As a fellow blogger, you know how exciting it is to see when someone appreciates your work. I haven't had these since I made them but the pictures of your onion rings make me want to whip up a batch as soon as possible!

    I was just looking about your site and I thought your photography experiment page was neat as well. It makes me want to try the same thing on my camera just so I can see the differences between the settings on the same shot.

  3. Kita is a friend of mine and at the top of my RSS feed! I was hooked the first time I found one of her photos of brioche on Foodgawker (I think that's where it was) and I have been a huge fan ever since. These burgers are going on my list of things to make. I need to start using that save feature on my Foodbuzz inbox! Thanks for sharing this with me!

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